Geekdad wants you! [News]

We have recently been contacted by John Baichtal of the Geekdad blog, on Wired. He is writing a book on our extremely addictive hobby and he wants you in it! Why you? Because you are charming, pretty, and you collect Lego.

He wants to profile as many adult builders as possible. While not everyone will make it into the book, he is planning on including a bunch of you crazy people. The more interesting the better, he said. And I know you folks are interesting. I’ve hung out with you at Cons, in chat rooms, and in forums. “Interesting” may be putting it mildly.

Anyway, are you in? If so, send the following info to John (

1) Headshot

2) Your name as you would like it to appear, your location and your age.

3) Answer as many of the following questions as you’d like:

What are you building?

Favorite set?

Favorite brick color?

Favorite genre?

What music do you listen to when building?

When’s your best building time?

If I left off a question you’re dying to answer, feel free to include it.

So there you are! Its your chance at those coveted 15 minutes of fame. Get cracking!

(BrickCon people pics by Caylin Fiering and John Langrish)

31 comments on “Geekdad wants you! [News]

  1. apple-pie

    first question…is this only for adults?

    and second question…am i gonna get an answer to the first question?

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  3. Nathan Proudlove

    Dang, I look hot in that picture. (The crazy links to my pic) Can I use that as my headshot?

  4. Zepher

    I’m not a AFOL :(. I’ll look forward to this, I’ve been thinking about starting a “Builder’sWiki” for some time, but this looks even better!

  5. Josh Post author

    @Nathan – I would. I doubt anyone would deny you use of any picture in which you think you look “hot”. ;) But if you want real permission, you should ask Caylin (aka “Darkie” on many forums)

  6. Todd

    If I left off a question you’re dying to answer, feel free to include it.

    How long have you been enjoying legos? 30+ years

    Have you been to Lego land? Yes

    Biggest model built? Y-Wing #10134 1,473 pieces

    Estimated number of Legos in house? 20,000+

  7. Josh Post author

    @sam42 – You have a valid point. I’m sure John will answer your question himself (have you tried emailing him?), but I will give you my take on it right now.

    You asked if he was a builder. What exactly is “a builder”? He has a Lego category on his blog, with 166 entries so far. Therefore, he’s something of a fan. Does he build and post online? Honestly, I don’t know nor do I care. There are many fans that do not.

    What I do know is that he from a prominent blog and if he is able to write a book that gets more exposure for our great hobby, then its a good thing.

    Is that “cashing in” on our hobby? I’m not sure what exactly you mean by that. Many people (including this blog) make money off of the adult Lego community. I don’t think that is necessarily a bad thing, if what you are doing also benefits the community.

  8. sam42

    ok…. maybe i was a bit quick off the mark. I felt he would have been “cashing in” if he was writing a book merely because it was perceivable as marketable.
    HOWEVER….. If he is writing a book because he is interested in and enjoys lego, which i’m reassured is the case then it’s fair enough.

  9. Josh Post author

    @Zepher – we make enough to pay for the blog, with a little bit left over. Andrew actually wrote a post about what we plan to do with the extra. Its about half down this editorial.

    @sam42 – You did have a valid point. But I was a bit harsh too. I’m sorry for that. And I accept your apology. :)

  10. Josh Post author

    @Zepher – Its the ads. We get a percentage for orders at Lego and a commission for click-throughs. Like I said, though, it pays for the blog. We don’t make a living at it. We all have “real” jobs. :)

  11. A Most Serious AFOL

    I think it’s funny that people are assuming he’s going to make money off this book.

  12. Josh Post author

    @Gambort – Is the online knitting community pissed off? What are your books about? I didn’t think they had virtual yarn, but I’ve been wrong before… :)

  13. John Baichtal

    Hi guys,

    I am a builder, though I’m more interested in building the official sets than building MOCs. Right now I’m trying to figure out how to find time to build the 10188 sitting in my dining room.

    For what it’s worth, and I should have mentioned it earlier, my co-writer is Joe Meno who most definitely is a builder, and a great one!



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