BrickScience Contest [News]

Reasonably Clever has announced their latest contest.

So get to building your Good Scientists, Bad Scientists, and especially those Mad Scientists!

13 comments on “BrickScience Contest [News]

  1. Rocko

    I think that using Megabloks parts should be equal to Brickarms and Brickforge in the rules. They’re nice products but lets face it, they are clone brands too.

  2. Josh Post author

    @Rocko – I’ve pondered the same thing in the contests that I’ve run. Here’s my take on the BrickArms/Brickforge vs. Clone Bricks thing. The various clone brands are designed and marketed to be competitors to Lego. BrickArms and Brickforge are designed to supplement Lego, not compete with it. At least that’s how I see it and that is why I have allowed the “Custom” accessories, but don’t allow “Clones” in my contests. I don’t know what the hosts of this particular contest have concluded.

    My reasoning is not without holes, but its what I use. ;)

  3. Christopher Doyle


    The supplement vs. compete issue is the main reasoning behind my stance on the clone brands as well.

    Just for the record, you CAN use Megabloks in the Science Contest – but only in builds featuring MAD or EVIL scientists. ;)

  4. Ryan (DeMartinet)

    I feel exactly the same way, Josh. The customs are created to fill in the gaps in the LEGO lines. Clones are created because they think, “Hey, if LEGO makes money with these studded things, so can we”.

  5. Rocko

    Josh, that makes sense. I’m not opposed to using Brickforge,etc. in my MOCs. In fact, I really like them and do. It just seems like it would force more creativity in a contest if it were limited to official Lego elements.

  6. graviton

    Hey Rocko,

    I thought a long time about this, but ultimately decided the distinction is this: a good scientist (AFOL) tries to help the world by making a creation (flux capacitor/custom Lego part) to be used as a force for good — with sometimes surprising/hilarious result. An evil scientist/empire (clone corporation) simply seeks to take over the known (Lego) Universe.

    You, of course, don’t have to like custom parts, any more than you have to like the atomic flux modulator that the scientist on the bench next to you built. :-D

    As a general rule, I don’t (often) use Brickforge/Brickarms in my MOCs, as I like to think there is nothing I can’t build out of unmodified offical bricks.

    Clear skies,
    — graviton

  7. JimmytheJ

    I separate clones from my collection and put them in a draw. I never use them, but I confess, sometimes the mechs are so cool, I can’t resist getting them. Maybe I’ll make Lego versions one day, but not today.

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