Mike Psiaki's NASCAR

While only time will tell I have a sneaking suspicion that Mike Psiaki may have just started a fad with his NASCAR racer. It’s small, colourful, easy enough to make and an excellent design.

Stage 1) Mike makes one, Stage 2) I make two, Stage 3) Mike shows a how-to, Stage 4) Instant fad?

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19 comments on “NASCAR Racing

  1. Gambort Post author

    The cheese slope requirements might help keep it a little more controlled. And the fact that Mike’s original is so excellent there’s little scope for alteration. And the fact that they’re based on real things which limit ‘creativity’.

    They don’t take too long to build.

  2. Monkfish44

    If only I had the pieces I need, I mean I have all those pieces, just not in matching colours! Ahaha

  3. WookieeWarrior

    Nice. He got the COT front splitter and rear wing on there. One artistic liberty is the side mirrors, which aren’t like that on NASCAR racecars. Very amazing looking.

  4. Peter Schwambach

    Cool! I wanna build one, I love racing! Is there a parts list available, I’ll have to place some bricklink orders since I’m all out of usable parts and a parts list would help for sure!

  5. Peter Schwambach

    Tell me about addictive… Thanks to discount coupons and finding half of my wants on one store and half on other store, I wound up buying a lot more stuff than I’d originally planned (For some reason I ordered 40 Basic swords, it was probably a childhood trauma, I always wanted to have more of those *___*).

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