A Visit to the Lettuce Patch

Classic Castle member, Lord Scuba, recently posted a single picture of his lettuce patch.

Besides the plethora of green hairpieces, the simplicity of this creation really stood out. The posing of the farmer is just about perfect and I have never seen that rat used so well.

13 comments on “A Visit to the Lettuce Patch

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  2. Josh Post author

    @Zepher – Spamming for your favorite forum? I already put it in the sidebar. Don’t make me take it away. ;)

  3. Zepher

    Oh, really? Sorry… Anyway, that was aimed at the builder himself, I wanted him to know that there’s a site out there that would really love this scene.

  4. ry

    Does anyone know who first came up with the exoforce-hair-as-lettuce trick, or was it kind of a community-wide simultaneous lightbulb-in-the-head thing?

    Also, this reminds me so much of battlestar galactica, because I bet the colonists would love fresh lettuce if they could get their hands on it.

    (am I doing it right?) ;)

  5. Starwars4J

    I thought it first came about from it’s use in the Green Grocer set. I don’t remember it being used as lettuce before that, though I could just have forgotten.

  6. Ryan (DeMartinet)

    I’m pretty sure it was first seen in Green Grocer. If I never see it used as lettuce again, it’ll be too soon.

  7. Callum (ScubaCJ)

    Thanks for all the comments, and thanks again for blogging it in the first place. It was really fun to build, and is going to be used as part of a bigger farm layout I’m making later in the summer.


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