RAMM Spatzenfalke by Tim Zarki

Perhaps it’s the very uniformity and consistency of RAMM LEGO creations that define the good ones. But occasionally, someone posts a creation that’s fundamentally different from the rest, making it great.

Tim “Spook” Zarki takes RAMM in a new direction with this fantastic helicopter:

Spatzenfalke may mean “sparrow hawk”, but the nose and tail remind me of a shark. Then again, Fliegenhai doesn’t have the same ring as Spatzenfalke, does it? ;-)

There are a bunch more pics on Next-gen, as well as a detailed description on Tim’s blog.

10 comments on “RAMM Spatzenfalke by Tim Zarki

  1. Dez

    As much as it’s just going to seem like a bunch of jealous TFOLs, I second Lukas’ statement. All the pieces are there, I just can’t bring myself to love it.

  2. BB

    I dunno either, I just dunno. I mean like Dez said its all there but nothing jumps out. Mabye we are spoiled with fantastic creations.

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