10189 Taj Majal pictures available! [News]

UPDATE: 10189 Taj Mahalicon is now available for pre-order in the United States as well! It’s $299.99 and will ship by September 15, 2008.

LEGO has pictures of the upcoming 5922 pieces Taj Majal set, and gosh do they look great! The set is available for preorder in Denmark at 2299 DK and will ship October 1st. Based on the costs in Denmark, the set is fairly likely to be in the $250-$300 range. Ready your wallets, this one’s a keeper.




24 comments on “10189 Taj Majal pictures available! [News]

  1. Imhotepidus


    Tried to sneak one by me, huh?

    Nope, it probably ain’t art. But it sure as heck is FREAKIN’ COOL!

    (And coolness is almost as important as art, sometimes maybe more important).


  2. bruce

    4 32×32 blue baseplates, on the order of 240 white turntable bases, I think 48 white arched windowframes, 76 1×3 white arches, ~24 1x6x2 arches, white bricks/plates/cylinders galore.

    What are those pieces at the top of the spires at the corners?

  3. Peter

    I wonder if it’s fixed white or that deadgum milky white that keeps popping up in all my sets.

    Geez that’s a lot of turntable bases.

  4. Roger (BTT)

    Interesting, very interesting.

    The turnable pieces give the sense of a mosaic floor thanks to the blue baseplate.

    Clever design features on this one…

  5. Robert

    Preorders will ship on or before September 15, but does that mean that it will also be available at LEGO Stores on that date?

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  7. Bernd

    The new Lego 10189 Taj Mahal dwarfs everything that has been available commercially before.
    Building was a small challenge. My four boys, 13 to 8 1/2 years old, built it up within just seven hours.
    Not one part missing, even a few left over
    It’s a real beauty. I can’t stop admiring.
    A light inside makes it a small jewel!
    The Lego Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series is great and expensive. But this set is just “greater” and rather worth the money!
    (Some pictures and detail photos taken during building it are available – contact me!)

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