Four scooter shops by Jamie

Jamie “Morgan19” Spencer enters the Scoot-a-bration contest with four great scooter shops.

Catch Up and the South Hovel:

Roamin’ Holiday and the Silver Lining:

Check out more pictures of all four scooter shops in Jamie’s Brickshelf gallery.

6 comments on “Four scooter shops by Jamie

  1. Rollen

    Very nice designs for one and all, but my fave detail was the shirt of the “Pac-Man” ghosts on the minifig on the right exterior of the Silver Lining.

  2. yokomode01

    Roamin Holiday is almost a sure win….
    and a lovely creation (and film) indeed…
    Silver Lining would make a far better Indoor Climbing Centre than a Scooter store, but it is an outstanding build none-the-less….

  3. dover

    Where is the posting for this contest? I’ve been working on one, but don’t know the rules.

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