HKLUG present LEGO Sports City

UPDATE: We’ve gotten lots of additional photos and behind-the-scenes details about HKLUG’s LEGO Sport City display from HKLUG.

HKLUG Water Cube

HKLUG kick off an Olympic themed exhibition featuring some creative models of Olympic landmarks. Read more about it in their blog entry. The “Birdsnest” and water cube are highlights.

10 comments on “HKLUG present LEGO Sports City

  1. Fred

    nice! images are a bit small themselves unless I’m missing a link to more detail on the page

  2. Nannan

    I was waiting on some notes from the designer before posting this, but he hasn’t contacted me yet, so I won’t complain that you posted this already.

  3. Mark Kelso

    I’d love to see some closer shots of the water cube, which I think is my favorite part, but nevertheless the whole thing’s really beautifully done.

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