LEGO Star Wars Clone Wars sets at Celebration Japan [News]

The new LEGO Star Wars Clone Wars sets will be available soon, but attendees at Star Wars Celebration Japan got an early look at some of the sets — and the minifigs in particular.

Edge (エッジ) over at レゴ系 (The LEGO System) was there, and took a bunch of pictures of the LEGO Star Wars booth.

Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker, and a bunch of clones:

Clones on bikes, including CC-7567:

An overall shot of the booth:

Bonnie Burton from the Official Star Wars Blog also took a handful of pictures of the Clone Wars LEGO, including close-ups of the nose art on the Republic Gunship:

The ladies of the booth:

See lots more pictures in Edge’s blog post.

9 comments on “LEGO Star Wars Clone Wars sets at Celebration Japan [News]

  1. darkknight9521

    i would be cool if they released those smaller sets, i like the speeder bike one

  2. mince vader

    Wow! All of the Clones have diff. facial expression. Good job Lego, thats what its like in the movie and serries! Oh and Curtis, I heard that someone in NY got the Rebublic Gunship.

  3. Curtis

    So would that mean they are already out? I’d originally heard August earlier this year, but that’s coming close and I still haven’t heard anything official.

  4. Andrew Post author

    ^ I believe all of the LEGO Clone Wars sets will be available with the rest of the Clone Wars toys starting on July 26th, but I could be mistaken.

  5. yokomode01

    Yes Andrew is (mostly) correct.
    The new Clone Wars sets are `Officially’ due on July 26th,
    but if you want to be ‘technical’ about it,
    7669 Anakin’s Jedi Starfighter has the Clone Wars logo on it’s packaging, and that set has been available for a while….

  6. Ryan (DeMartinet)

    Many Toys ‘R’ Us-es have a “Midnight Madness” event at midnight on the 25th/26th, when they release the clone wars toys (including LEGO, of course). I think there will be giveaways, and maybe a sale. Sadly, since my TRU is closing, they won’t have the event :'( .

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