Leian Castle – paradise on the rock

Pun intended in the title, Rocko‘s to-be-featured masterpiece for BrickCon in October is one grand sight to behold. This structure is home to Rocko’s favorite minifigs (the ladies in Slave Leia torso and legs), but naughty men beware, the cats are hungry. Too bad details like these won’t be revealed until the convention, but that’s just another reason for me to be there.

13 comments on “Leian Castle – paradise on the rock

  1. Jai

    Holy crap.

    My eyes are gonna burn out from staring at that picture with my nose to the screen for hours.

  2. Jai

    Hahaha, is that a pool on the open-topped tower with Jabba holding a parasol? Fantastic. And the man in the flower garden is about to get Hungry Hungry Hippo’d by those cats.

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