Chinese Lion

Nelson Yrizarry‘s Chinese Lion from the culture classic lion dance is easily recognizable as an iconic symbol of the Chinese culture. But I have to say that it look rather cute in its LEGO version and resembles candy, mmm sweet.

6 comments on “Chinese Lion

  1. Andrew

    This is such an amazing piece. I love the waves along the body Nelson achieved with just basic bricks, and his parts choices in the head are excellent — particularly the swirly ears.

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  3. Andrew

    @JK: Why would we ever be “done” with Asian-themed LEGO creations? Seriously, I want to know why you’re asking that question.

  4. "Big Daddy" Nelson

    Andrew, he said “aisan”… clearly not ‘Asian’, and some other type of (unheard of) LEGO creation theme.


  5. Gambort

    I believe that ‘aisan MOCs’ may refer to the scale. Although why we’d be done with larger models is beyond me, JK obviously doesn’t like big things. Perhaps he has brick envy.

    On a more serious note it sounds to me like JK has some real issues and given his posting propensity I hope he answers your question. Racism pisses me off.

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