Mammoth Tank from Command and Conquer III

Peter Morris presents a brick-built model of the Mammoth Mark III from Command and Conquer III. Using the harder to obtain larger technic treads, Peter manages to complete this impressively large model (see size comparison to a nomal sized minifig-scale tank). For those unfamiliar with Peter’s building style, the jagged shapes and small color partitions create a nice mélange of texures suitable for this model.

11 comments on “Mammoth Tank from Command and Conquer III

  1. JK

    oh…oh my GOD! that is f-ing beautiful! So realistic oh, it pays great homage to one of the best RTS of all time

  2. Joz

    This is wicked… So many hours spent in C&C universe… It’s so good to see a C&C MoC done so intricately… Even the tan base colouring is accurate to the GDI tanks in the original C&C…

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  4. homi g

    dude i love c&c im a fanatic this is the best i have ever seen any one build anything in lego keep it up and try to build the “preditor”tank

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