Dave and Stacy go to White Castle

Dave and Stacy Sterling are a pair of LEGO fans whose love for LEGO is only surpassed by their love for each other. With a Train layout that’s 12-feet by 15-feet, they prove the old adage that the couple who bricks together stays together.

Stacy’s latest creation is a LEGO version of her favorite burger joint, White Castle:

There’s lots of other great Train, Town, and Harry Potter LEGO creations on Dave and Stacy’s MOCPages and Brickshelf, including a corner bank by Dave and The Burrow from Harry Potter by Stacy:

(Via Brick Town Talk.)

5 comments on “Dave and Stacy go to White Castle

  1. TooMuchDew

    To really get the scope of their 2-person ( 1 canine mascot) operation check out
    Was great to see you both at BrickWorld. Go ToT-LUG!

  2. Dave&Stacy

    Thanks for the great comments everyone and thanks to The Brothers Brick for throwin’ some press our way. Much love and fuzzy sharks to you all! We’ve got about 10 other MOC’s we’re in the progress of photographing. Keep an eye on our MOCPage’s page as they are coming soon!

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