Rocko’s typical village

One of our favorite castle builders Rocko presents another example of his typical work, featuring atypical things such as slithering tentacles in the village well. But for you builders out there interested in atypical techniques, check out the way Rocko incorporated a diagonal house into the standard studs-up base. I believe the magic was the right placement of tiles to cover up the inevitably misaligned edges.

8 comments on “Rocko’s typical village

  1. LegoLyons

    As always Rokos stuff amazes, inspires and intrigues me. Awesome stuff, great details and fun. The grave digger is just sweet, if only he had not used the most used head in LEGO Moccing history ;0)

  2. Ryan (DeMartinet)

    I’d even say that, other than slave Leias, that head is his signature.

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