Light-up Iron Man minifig by Brickmodder

This isn’t a Photoshop job:

That’s right, Brickmodder has added 7 LEDs to a custom Iron Man minifig. (Custom decals by Jared “Kaminoan” Burks and Chris “Uubergeek” C.)

Here’s Mr. Stark in action (with weapons by BrickArms):

15 comments on “Light-up Iron Man minifig by Brickmodder

  1. Berntsen

    Ha. Two of my favourite custom LEGO-stuff combined: Lifelites (made by the same guys) and BrickArms.


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  4. uubergeek

    Hey, thanks to those that liked the design, it took forever (we had originally planned to unveil it at the start of May, but i never was happy with it).

    Kaminoan (Jared) had the idea of all the lights (we were just gonna do Eyes and Chest originally, and we did do some of those) but Rob (Brickmodder) wanted a challenge.

    After Rob was done with the lights, i did the decals on it (which rob destroyed!!!! later on on accident and will have to be redone before brickworld)

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