Exploring cryptozoology and exobiology with Mike Stimpson

I just love Mike Stimpson‘s work. His LEGO photography is unparalleled, and my favorites are of course the classic photographs he’s recreated.

His latest photos are inspired by the mysterious life-forms that may or may not exist around and above us:

In a more serious vein (as many of Mike’s photos are), Mike has recreated the photo of a South Vietnamese monk lighting himself on fire:

For those who’ve not noticed, Mike has a whole separate Flickr account where he shows exactly how he set up each shot in his amazing series. Definitely worth checking out.

3 comments on “Exploring cryptozoology and exobiology with Mike Stimpson

  1. Bryan

    Undoubtedly an excellent photography. I really enjoyed the storm trooper on a bike. Wish he’d build something larger worth taking photos of though. Minifigs get old so fast IMHO.

  2. Rocko

    Man, that monk scene is great. The standard smiley is kind of a grotesque twist thrown in there.

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