LL017 Defender by Nnenn

The clean, angular lines and customizations of a Nnenn fighter combined with the retro colors of Classic Space mean total awesomeness:

4 comments on “LL017 Defender by Nnenn

  1. Von Goyle

    Okay, now this is what I mean when I say Nannan is inspirational.
    After seeing this, I immediately went to ebay lookng for classic space sets.
    Do I want to build what he did? No.
    Am I running some sort of sad little competition with him in my mind? No.
    His little ship here got me interested in a genre of building I rarely dabble in.
    Enough to drop some dough and have fun with for a few more hours.
    Way to go Man!

  2. Von Goyle

    Are you kidding me? Hahahahahaaha well..
    Wow, okAY, man, gonna sit here and be red for a bit, but I do thank you Andrew. :)

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