The moat around Kris Kelvin’s castle is rather deep

I think we tend to picture castles as big gray walls and forget that medieval castle fortifications often included wooden hoardings to aid in the castle’s defense.

Kris Kelvin‘s castle gate has two types of hoardings that lend variety to his construction:

I really like the “deep slice” technique (I just came up with that; I’m sure there’s a better term) Kris uses in this diorama, showing off the depth of the moat.

Via Klocki.

5 comments on “The moat around Kris Kelvin’s castle is rather deep

  1. Jai

    Wow. That’s SUCH a great castle! That’s such a great look. I love the moat. Love the drawbridge. Love the portcullis. Love the hoardings. I even love the tree!

  2. Jedimasterwagner

    that’s funny, I actually looked up hoardings on wiki – the same article you linked – after someone complemented the hoardings in this model on classic-castle. Now that I know what they are, I would definitely agree that they add a lovely variety. 2nded about the drawbridge and portcullis!

  3. "Big Daddy" Nelson

    On the name… “Deep Dish” maybe, although I like “Cheesecake” instead. :P

  4. New AFOL

    I like “Deep Slice.” Oh, that’s not what this is about– this is SWEEEET! No one ever does hoardings, and that stinks. These are awesome!

    Hoardings are also a great way to save on gray bricks, and to add some real personality/realism to a castle.

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