Metabaron is no arachnophobe

Let’s just say that I’m not a huge fan of spiders. *shudder* But that doesn’t stop me from appreciating this great big arachnid by Metabaron:

Thanks for the tip, Paul Lee!

4 comments on “Metabaron is no arachnophobe

  1. LDDmodels

    I like this spider :3 he’s cool I like how he did the eyes and legs especially. body is clever, but is thes spider in Metaborn’s shoe or in his wardrobe…….. ;)

  2. Bunbrick

    Very clever legwork. And really, any LEGO work that brings a The Cure song to my mind is to be appreciated.

    BTW, be sure to check his Brickshelf for some other neat attempts at natural-looking LEGO insects. I just did, and particularly liked his dragonfly. He should definitely try his hands at more creepy crawlies. (MISC folder; Dare I say it really deserves an Insects folder of its own by now?)

  3. Jai

    Good call on the other insects, those are nice!

    This spider, however, is exquisite. What great construction! The lines of the splayed legs make for a terrific pose.

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