Jungle cave racing

In response to the animals cave racing contest, SlyOwl creates a scene of cave racing in the jungle where animals take part in the precarious game.

8 comments on “Jungle cave racing

  1. Ramone

    Really, it makes perfect sense! The first monkey has veered off course sending a spectator tumbling into the river. The parrot is my favorite. So calm and collected…while totally owning the second monkey below. He doesn’t even need to use his own wings to pull ahead!

    And who’s that dude in the bushes? A sabateur popping in to see his handiwork on the first monkey’s racer? Or is he lying in wait to take out the spectators? Maybe he’s enraged that the parrot is winning–having bet his loincloth on the monkey clan.

    It practically writes itself! What’s so confusing?

  2. Greg Ramel

    HA! Love it! So much detail and so much going on. I thought Chris said you couldn’t use monkeys though? I could be mistaken…

  3. Jedimasterwagner

    no, i think monkeys are allowed, only that they should be spectacular since using them is “too easy”. i can definitely say this diorama is spectacular. i really like the way the gator is made, instead of simply dropping the entire gator body on top of the water.

  4. Zepher

    It totally makes sense! Nice work Owl, I can’t see what’s flying the racer to the far right, back. (Not the monkey, the other one…)

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