Demons, mecha and a touch of the Victorian

I think it’s been a while (or at least a lot of models) since I posted anything of mine here so it might be time to hit you with one. For those following I’ve been in a very cutesy retro phase lately but I decided to take a brief sojourn away and practise my town, steampunk and creature design in a mini diorama. I’m particularly pleased with the way the broken storefront worked out but feel that perhaps it lacks a feel of action.

Tim Gould's Demon and mecha

PS. It’s tentatively titled “31st May 1883” for want of anything better. If you can come up with a decent name I’d be happy to hear it.

2 comments on “Demons, mecha and a touch of the Victorian

  1. LDDmodels

    I think this is a good MOC! Nice title, although it does sound as if it’s based in 150 AD. Good job!

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