Hispabrick Magazine 001 now available for download; soon in print [News]

I’ve received word from Lluís Gibert and Antonio Fernandez that the first issue of the Spanish-language Hispabrick Magazine is now available.

Hispabrick Magazine 001

Whether you read Spanish or not, there’s quite a bit of great stuff in the magazine:

  • Photo reviews of 7626 Jungle Cutter (La Sierra de la Jungla) and 7726 Coast Guard Truck with Speed Boat (El Unimog de Guardacostas)
  • How-to articles on modular construction, small-scale animals, and LDraw
  • An article by the Arvo Brothers on building Alien-inspired creatures
  • Features on Hisbabrick events and forums
  • An interview with César Ridruejo, General Manager of LEGO Iberia

Download Hispabrick Magazine 001 (5.9 MB) now! :)

8 comments on “Hispabrick Magazine 001 now available for download; soon in print [News]

  1. Lluís Gibert

    Hi Andrew,

    Many thanks for publish a review of our Magazine. We have done it with great illusion and we wish you all enjoy it.

    In the following weeks it will be avaliable printed, with no benefits for us (you only pay for printing costs). We will inform you all.

    Thanks again and best regards


  2. Bill

    This could be a pretty cool magazine. I still am not big on online magazines….I must be old fashioned but I like print magazines.

  3. Andrew Post author

    Thanks for the comment, Lluís! I was actually going to highlight the printed version with a post as well, so I appreciate the reminder.

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  5. Star War Price Guide

    Nice Hispabrick Magazine 001 you have there! I will send this magazine to lots of my friends who are also Star Wars Fans, they will defintely like it! Appreciated it! Lots of stuffs here, will be back for more!

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