Exclusive LEGO Indiana Jones set at Comic-Con 2008 [News]

LEGO will make its presence known at Comic-Con 2008 this year (July 23-27 in San Diego, California) with a mysterious, exclusive set:

The picture doesn’t say a lot, but here are a couple key facts:

  • 200 pieces (comparable to a $15.00-$20.00 set)
  • Limited to 500 sets

23 comments on “Exclusive LEGO Indiana Jones set at Comic-Con 2008 [News]

  1. ben

    ooooooooooooooo very suspiciouse maybee its mola-ram and pankot palace ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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  3. btolnay

    oh im am gona get 1 but not at comic con probably at ebay or ill find the instructions and buy every single piece

  4. legomaster959

    I have a pretty close guess of what it is. Well, has anyone visited their local lego store and seen the life-size crystal skull? well, I got my new lego club magazine and on one page it made you unscramble some words and then spell ’em out. then one letter from each word spelled something. the word was a secret code to log onto legoclub.com. and in the bottom right corner, there was a picture of the sdcc suprise lego box like the one at the top, and in the background of the unscrambled words, wer and picture of nothinf but a crystal skull. I’m 95% sure that this is the mystery set.

  5. Dr. Jones

    Yeah I just did that today (My Club Magazine just came today. The code was kinda obvious.

  6. btolnay

    i just orderd one off ebay for 100$ thats the cheapest so far they are very expensive on ebay and i heard the people at comic-con payed 50$ for em the highest price for them is 300$ so far (just thought id post the info)

  7. legomaster959

    i found out on ebay its a pretty sucky set comes with 3 figures indy 2 ugha warriors and the brickmaster jeep and some bridge thing with a giant skeleton behind it! RIP OFF!!!

  8. Billy

    Just ridiculus, those low produced sets. Lego is just for making money. On their side, very smart thinking.

  9. btolnay

    i got it a day ago it is really fun i like the way it displays you have to really like lego indiana jones to really appreciate this set just sayn

  10. watossurplus

    this set is stupid im not spemding 300 $$$ on that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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