Baby Hawklings will traverse a wormhole right into your heart

What’s more adorable than Ochre Jelly‘s Miniland Stephen Hawking? Why, a swarm of micro Stephen Hawkings, of course!

Check out MOCPages for the further adventures of the baby Hawklings, including guest appearances by micro versions of several of Ochre Jelly’s other Miniland characters.

Here’s a bonus Stephen Hawking by Mike “Count Blockula” Crowley:

10 comments on “Baby Hawklings will traverse a wormhole right into your heart

  1. Scotty

    Honestly, I don’t really know how to feel about these. Creation-wise, excellent. Although they may not have been intending to make fun of Steven Hawking, I can’t help but see it as a joke-build

    maybe I’m over sensitive

  2. tinyblob

    I think you are being a tad oversensitive Scott.
    They’re depictions of the way Steven looks. Lego caricatures if you will. They’re not portraying him in a negative light.
    I’m fairly sure he’d approve of them – much like his appearance in The Simpsons.

  3. Louise

    Scotty, why are these any different to making minifigs and Miniland scale figs of other famous people? They are representation of Stephen Hawking as we know him. Where’s the joke? They aren’t doing anything disresepectful.

    Besides, Stephen Hawking is quite capable of poking fun at himself — just see his appearance in ‘The Simpsons’ a few years ago (he also made an appearance in Star Trek TNG too). I’m sure he’d be chuffed by his LEGO alter-ego.

  4. Count Blockula

    To clear up why I made mine:
    Last night, in FBTB chat, someone asked if I could try coming up with a new wheelchair design, ’cause they needed a wheelchair for a project they were working on. I did my best, but along the way noticed it was looking more like an electric wheelchair than a regular one. Well, earlier that evening, I was watching the game show “Cash Cab” on TV, and one of the questions was about what disease Hawking has. (The answer is Lou Gehrig’s, BTW.) So, having remembered hearing about him mentioned earlier that evening, I thought it might be cool to just make the chair his. So, I Googled for pics to use as guides, added more detailing to make it look like his chair specifically, and then made a minifig of him as best I could with the parts I had. :-)

  5. Ramone

    I think they’re great! Though the Blockula version needs glasses, the hair is spot on.

  6. Ochre Jelly

    The original model was in no way intended to make fun of Professor Hawking’s disability – on the contrary, it was made to celebrate his success in overcoming his condition so splendidly (specifically, his recent flight on the Vomit Comet). This has already been debated at length on the net. Apart from which, the model merely reflects his actual appearance (I cannot think of another living person who would be so immediately recognizable at this scale).

    He is a hero to many of us!

    As for the micro figures, these are actually intended to parody the original model (yes, a Lego model of a Lego model!), ie. the original model taking on a life of its own, and the cross-overs between other Lego genres at the end.

  7. David

    I love Stephen Hawkings. My favorite quote from him is something like…

    “There are two things I will never understand about the universe, how it formed and… women”. :)

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