2008 LEGO Castle sets (dwarves! trolls!) now available from LEGO Shop [News]

In news sure to please those of you who voted for “LEGO Castle (Dwarves & Trolls)” in the current poll, the full line of LEGO Castle sets for 2008 is now available from the LEGO Shop online.

Here’s 7048 Troll Warship (USD 79.99):

That’s six troll/goblin/orc minifigs, a dragon, a Crown Knight minifig, a Dwarf minifig, Clancy‘s green cousin (a large troll), and Viking ship pieces in new dark brown.

All the other new Castle sets are also available, including 7038 Troll Assault Wagon (USD 19.00) and 7041 Troll Battle Wheel (USD 39.99):

Also available:

Castle not your thing? How about some new Batman or Coast Guard sets?

(Direct link to the new Castle sets for those of you for whom the affiliate links don’t work.)

10 comments on “2008 LEGO Castle sets (dwarves! trolls!) now available from LEGO Shop [News]

  1. Olog

    That’s weird.. seems like we’re getting all these sets earlier here in Romania. I saw the battlewheel in stores a couple of days ago, and ordered the tower raid set which should arrive tomorrow.

  2. theestampede

    they have all these at my local tru, they also have the dwarf mine set, which Im gonna have to buy, I didn’t get it when it originaly came out

  3. Johan

    If I remember correctly most of the sets released last fall & winter were released earlier in the US than in Europe. So I guess this time it was Europes turn to get some early releases.

    Also some US stores are really early with releases. Amongst others You can already buy some of sets in the agents line on Toys R’ Us stores in the US. I think someone stated that they were to be released in august.

  4. matt

    i wish there were 2 (or even 3) $10 castle sets (one of only dwarves, the other of just trolls, maybe one for the knights) with 4 minifigs each, a la the Star Wars stormtrooper set, rebel soldier set, and battle droid set. i’d much rather have 4 dwarf minifigs in a set than 1 dwarf 2 trolls in one set. those little dwarf guys are getting hard to come across!

  5. DekoPuma

    I’ll definitely be ordering a few of these, especially that ship. It looks better, much more complete, then the skeleton attack boat. I just wish there was a TRU anywhere near here, but the only one in Montana is in Billings. It’s annoying not having retail access to things like the Troll Battle Wheel, which has been out for months. Nobody in Helena or Bozeman carries it. I’m just glad I managed to get the Dwarves’ Mine before it vanished last fall.

  6. Brad

    I just received the Troll Warship and the Mine Defender. I was really after the gobbo and dwarf minifigs, but the Troll Warship has grown on me pretty quickly. The price/piece point count is pretty poor, but I suspect that has to do with so many figs along with the ship pieces, dragon, and cloth items. The dark brown is an absolutely lovely color, the ship has some cute details (the troll’s drum is the stand-out), and I have a soft spot for the dragon and rider. I put magnet bricks on its feet and now they’re swooping down from the fridge!

  7. legovaughan

    For those of us down under, I have it on good authority (c/o Toyworld) that the new Batman sets will be available in August – specifically 7888 which I am hanging out for most of all (an official Lego Tumbler! Whooooo!!) I hope Harley’s Hammer Truck is available sooner, or I’ll be way skint come August…

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