Vote on an upcoming LEGO Star Wars set in 2009! [News]

UPDATE: Voting on this set ended on May 17, 2008.

The LEGO Company and Toys R Us want to create the perfect set to add to your 2009 LEGO Star Wars collection. Vote on the scene you like best!

Here are the options:

  • The Arrest of Palpatine
  • Slave I and Cloud City Landing Platform
  • Mon Calamari Cruiser Set
  • Click here to see more details and cast your vote.

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    38 comments on “Vote on an upcoming LEGO Star Wars set in 2009! [News]

    1. Xiphos

      Another, more expensive Slave I? I think not. Mon Calamari though? Sounds good to me.

    2. LegoShark

      Yeah, they’ve redone the slave I enough for me to vote no on that one.

      A Palpatine arrest would be cool, but i’m afraid it’ll end up like some tiny little vignet which is pretty much only a minifig pack. A USC Rebel ship would be quite cool, soooo…

      Ackbar ftw!

    3. Chris Edwards

      This is a very strange set of options. It seems like these would potentially have very different price-points. Plus the fact that the Slave I and the Cloud City landing platform have already been done, just not together.

    4. Preda

      I want a Slave 1.All the Slaves Lego made until now sucked,so I hope this one will be better,made for a more adult collector…

    5. keaton

      what are you people talking about, the arrest of palpitine would include rare minifigs!!!!!!!

    6. DharmaToad

      It’s a trap!!!!

      (sorry, needed to get that out of my system.)

      Choice no.3 seems like a A-wing version of the original B-Wing “control center” set…but with the crucial addition of an Ackbar. Risky, but i think it’s worth a shot.

      Choice no.2 would be the most recent Slave 1 with a landing set – possibly with a lando, han and leia figs (maybe more?)

      Choice no.1 is a bigger version of the final duel II set, just with more minifigs. (though maybe they’d surprise up and make a fuller palpatines office set, which would be nifty…)

    7. Hawk

      An arrest of Palpatine set would be kinda cool, yet another Slave 1 would be totally lame, and the Mon Calamari cruiser takes the cake, I’m afraid.

      As many have said…Ackbar ftw!

    8. Sibley

      I voted for Arrest of Palpatine, as it would likely have the best minifigs (though Mon Cal cruiser would have nifty white uniforms).

    9. Dean H.

      Were this voting for UCS sets, I’d doubtless go for the Slave I, as it would include loads of either sand green or dark blue parts, as well as a new (either huge or segmented) canopy and a ton of greebs.

      As it is, I’m going to have to go with the Mon Cal. I’m assuming this would be handled in the same way as the Star Destroyer playset; UCS-ish exterior opening to reveal an interior with what I’m calling the “council chamber,” a hangar with an A-wing, and perhaps an escape pod. And lots of ‘figs. So yeah, #3.

    10. matt

      not to sound like there’s an echo in here, but … ackbar ftw!

      i mean, yeah, the arrest of palpatine would be really cool (instead of samuel L jackson dying like a bzitch, i’d set the scene to have the dark lord taking his purple lightsaber where it really hurts). but LEGO should release it as a bigger “battle pack” sort of set, simply because the minifigs would be the only interesting part of the set. i mean, what else would the set come with? his desk?

      seems like ackbar would be much more interesting. a mon cal cruiser seems kind of esoteric, but if they made a TIE tank, then anything’s game.

    11. Zepher

      I’m thinking that Palp’s arrest will have the best figs, including a Mace Windu WITHOUT an electric lightsaber (this way we can take him apart).

    12. wusmand

      I would want choice 1, but i voted for 3 because i dont want a small room with a few jedi and sen.palp. I want akbar for the 2009 lego election, not hillary, not Obama, not Mccain, Akbar!

    13. Ramone

      Oh, and don’t vote for Palpy’s arrest–you’re sure to get a Windu down the road with the new clone wars cartoon coming out. Dont’cha think?

    14. funnystuff

      The Arrest of Palpatine will include so many awesome minifigs and the price will probably be the cheapest. Vote for 1!

    15. P

      Arrest of Palpatine for sure! Imagine all those dope mini figs!! 4 Jedi and good ol Darth Sidious. They should include like an extra rubber slip on head for when Palpatine’s face goes reptile from Windu. Anyone know where to find a list of upcoming Star Wars lego sets?

    16. lordtom

      it absolutely has to be palpatine because you finally get a saesee tiin minifigure and that guy with the spikes

      also a mace windu and kit fisto (which is so rare!)

      so vote palpatine!!!!!!

    17. micfa

      the set price rane is avout $130 for all three sets wich means that for ch#1 its going to be a really big desk and probuble done like the one set for EP.3 the had obi and anny on mustifar. ch#2 means ether a bigger slave 1 or a big chunck of cloud city. and ch#3(my choise) yes it will be done like the m.falcon, republic criuser, and ISD not like the firts B-Wing set and the idea of an inerior hanger intrests me. P.S. ftw! Ackbar!!!!

    18. ScottMorris

      Palpatine FTW!! =].
      I mean, okay we already have Mace Windu but It came with an Electronic Saber (Electronic Lego Sabers FAIL!!) but this one hopefully will be normal, plus you will get a rare Palpatine Figure, All wev’e ever gotten is Old smelly prune looking Emperor. Also youll get 3 More jedi to add to the collection, well two cause we now have a Kit Fisto mini Figure. but still as I stand.

    19. Kobe Zimdar

      I think we should get a clone turbo tank back…but bigger and with the new clones. Or another jango slave 1 but have it be close to the previous boba slave 1. Or just a set with like special clones from the new clone wars movie coming soon. But if worse comes to worse then just get some badass darth vader sets

    20. Darth Terd-Muncher

      I definitely think that the Lego companies should make a set where Palpatine gets arrested, because they have already made many former sets of Jango’s and Boba’s Slave I; they have also made so many ships, like the Millenium Falcon and the X-, B-, and A-Wing, but never before a set where they had rare star wars minifigures. This set would definitely be my number one choice.

    21. Andrew

      @Everybody past P on May 15: Voting for this set ended on May 17. Feel free to continue discussing this here, but I don’t think Toys R Us is tallying votes anymore.

    22. HR

      what they could do would be palpatines arrest a section of the senate with all the cool pod things? Only like 2 or 3 but with the chair that comes up from his office… That would be wack.

    23. Mason Lindblad

      An Ackbar minifig would be interesting but you know the mon cal cruiser would be like the star destroyer; It would have good figs but would be small-scale. They already had a slave I recently and a cloud city before, so that may not sell too well. I dont know what they would do for Palpatine’s arrest, but minifigure-wise that would be awesome. They have yet to make a senator Paltpatine minifig and Mace Windu, Kit Fisto, and the other alien Jedi would be awesome considering most LEGO jedi are human.

    24. WOEF

      For me the 1st and the 3th are great ideas. I would like to have some new jedi’s hero’s. The cruiser have to be like
      6211 Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer then it woul be OK.
      So let us hope for many more new sets

    25. my me

      I think palpantine areest is godd look at the minifigs anno lightup mace windu. the slave 1 terribubble ant the cruiser thingy would be all strange like something

    26. Brotherman

      I seriously think that the Palpatine’s arrest would be the best, if only for considering the uber schweet figs to be had. Yes, Ackbar would be wonderful, and even a new slave one playset would be ok, but I was not a big fan of small-scaling the star destroyed set. Control room, or interior alone sure, but don’t squeeze it into a ship. Palpatine’s arrest would have some awesome minifigs, maybe even some royal guards, considering its location. And I just want a Kit Fisto without buying a Jedi Starfighter. :P

    27. Protoss Geek

      Hey, I agree with myme and bortherman.

      But i also think that making all 3 of the sets would be a great idea! But i still like the Palpatine’s Aresst thingy the best.

    28. Andrew

      Sorry readers, but to prevent confusion and potential disappointment, I’m going to lock comments on this post. As I said back in July, the voting period has been over for a very long time.

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