Retro-space transports

Kotaro “EARL-0” Ono (of How Many Studs to LEGOLAND) has some nice retro-space creations in his gallery, check out these transport vehicles and especially the power generators. Way cool.

4 comments on “Retro-space transports

  1. Mainman

    “All vehicles designed in 3-studs-wide standard”
    That ain’t an easy thing to work with. All the more impressive. I may need to go make some Tesla coils now.

  2. Earl_0

    Thanks so much :)

    I’d tried to design them as a retro-style-industries,
    so your comment is a great success for me, ahem, maybe.

    To show my ships as a main-model, those vehicles must be smaller size as I could.
    And I also believe that I can show my originality and creativity by building in 3-studs-wide.
    Right, I’m so glad to hear your impression. :)))

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