Kwi Chang goes bipedal

Kwi Chang‘s latest mecha has a unique cockpit configuration and an amazing number of missiles, in addition to the chin-mounted chain-gun:

As a side note, low-slung walker-type mecha seem to be more popular among Western builders (inspired by the iconic AT-ST or the MechWarrior games, perhaps), while Japanese builders tend toward the humanoid (most certainly inspired by Gundam and the like). Maybe I’m right, maybe I’m not. What do you think?

(Via Young Spacers Association Blog.)

8 comments on “Kwi Chang goes bipedal

  1. Memory

    Perhaps the Western mind sees _mech’s_ as types of tanks, and the Japanese mind sees _mecha_ as giant samurai.

    BTW, you guys can take Brick Blogue off the blogroll… for now… Thanks for having put it up, though.

  2. Anonymous

    I’m western and like short mecha because they look like they might actually exist some day but giant piloted robots the size of the Sears Tower are less likely to me.

  3. Timmay

    I’m inclined to agree about the mech thing.
    Perhaps it’s down to culture stretching back over the millenia.
    As far as I can see, in the west we’ve been preoccupied with war and industry, even when we made churches. (For example, the church in Ambi, France is a fortress/cathedral built by the catholic inquisition from about the 1250s-mid 15th century.) That, and the industrial revolution. All of that contributes to a sombre, utilitarian mindset, even in fiction. On the whole anyway.
    By my limited knowlege of Japan and Japanese culture, things built or created there have tended to have a fantastical nature, cumulating now in the mass of bright colours and lights and slight lack of a sense of scale. Hence Gundam.
    And no, I’m not some kind of sociologist or something, I’m 16 years old and finishing off my GCSEs.
    I’m not normal, am I :(

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