Win an autographed Temple Escape set in the Indy contest on Klocki [w00t!]

If you’ve been wondering what MisterZumbi has been up to lately, wonder no more. Like Jamie Berard and Mark “Nabii” Stafford, Adam “MisterZumbi” Grabowski is the latest LEGO fan to pull up stakes, move to Billund, and start working as a set designer for The LEGO Company.

To celebrate Adam’s accomplishment and the release of the new Indiana Jones movie, Klocki is hosting an Indiana Jones Building Contest.

There are three categories — vignette, diorama, and large-scale (UCS) model. The coolest prize? A copy of 7623 Temple Escape autographed by the designer, Adam himself.

7 comments on “Win an autographed Temple Escape set in the Indy contest on Klocki [w00t!]

  1. Rocko

    I wonder how many different versions of the tank from Indy 3 we’ll be seeing in the UCS category? ;)

  2. hippotam

    I hope we will see the flying wing. I always wanted to see it done in LEGO. Or flying boat. This is most cool. No, the Zeppelin. Or U-boot? Circus Train? My head is going to explode, there are too many of them…

  3. Nabii

    Yup. Adam and I started together in October ’06. In fact the latest fans to be hired are Pierre ‘pnorm’ Normandin from Canada and Megan ‘Megz’ Rothrock – originally from California but via 7 years in Holland. Both started last month.

    Though I’m not sure they want it announcing on the front page just yet!

  4. Andrew Post author

    Thanks for the confirmation, Nabii (aka Mark)!

    (And apologies for the belated moderation of your comment. For some reason, our filters thought it was spam. :( )

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