Gtahelpers Futuron Moonbase Module Zebra

Brickshelfer GTAhelper has put together a very nice architectural Futuron Moonbase Module:

I adore the bendy shapes of this – reminds me a bit of the Turning Torso in my back yard. Check out the full gallery on the ‘shelf.

4 comments on “Gtahelpers Futuron Moonbase Module Zebra

  1. Josh

    This looks pretty sweet. I love that twisting fin on top. Also the photography is nifty. It makes this thing look huge! :)

  2. LegoDaVinci

    for some reason this moc gets me jumping out of my seat and excited. Amazing model and photo shot. Masterpiece

  3. zkee

    reminds me somehow of combine technology, citadel constructions (Half-Life² stuff), and that’s always a positive note :)

    wonder where Gtahelper got the inspiration from. I like this set very much. superb.

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