Cheddar Gorge

Ever since SlyOwl‘s demonstration of a technique for straw roofs in his Nassau Port, we see the technique again in Cheddar Gorge. But in addition to the innocent looking scene, there’s some pretty crazy stuff going on inside. Please heed SlyOwl’s warning that vegetarians should look away.

4 comments on “Cheddar Gorge

  1. Mainman

    Aside from the obvious details like the cow carcass, pouring milk and brilliant mousetrap, I’m especially impressed with the wall. I never would have considered adding assorted tiles to the wall structure to give it more texture. That Owl is a sly one, alright!

  2. Jai

    I’ll second the mousetrap love! And I quite fancy the duck, although that may be something I’ve seen before. You can’t have too many ducks, says I.

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