Miss Modular and Shrimp Salad

At last I have had time to build again! I present to you Miss Modular and her ship Shrimp Salad:

From civilian interrogation:

-“So we where all waiting, yeah, for Miss Modular to arrive. You know, Miss Modular, the beauty queen? Five times winner of ‘Beautiful and Ugly’ on tee-vee? Anyway, so we see her ship come down, you know, but it wasn’t the Shrimp Salad I’ve seen on tee-vee. Or, I mean, it was, but still wasn’t, you know? Something was different. It had all sorts of black goo on the front, and… you gonna call me crazy, I know, but it looked like it had mutated a bit. So anyway it lands, yeah, and out hops Miss Modular. But instead of waving her long curly hair and smile she got these knives, see. And she starts cutting people up! But that ain’t the weird part. After she cut them up she just assimilated the body parts of the people she just slayed. Like she was Miss Modular in the literal sense! And then, you know, I didn’t see no more cause I just ran. I ran, and I ran, and I didn’t look back. I don’t know what was up, but I’d say that whatever got to her ship, got to her as well. Crazy, I tell you. I ain’t gonna vote for her again.”

More picures, along with a bodies shot of Miss Modular, on flickr.

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