Izzo’s dark toned mechas

Mecha master Izzo‘s recent works take on darker toned colors, which are generally more uncommon than ordinary colors. The darker colors tend to give a more mature appearance to the model, and here they look absolutely splendid.

9 comments on “Izzo’s dark toned mechas

  1. Memory


    You guys are too fast. This belongs on YSA….

    /me gets over it. Anyway, these are fantastic. I especially love the dark green one, for obvious reasons (winksearchbrickshelfjiinduwink). BTW, you missed the Dragon Scissor:


  2. Nannan Post author

    Jacob, I pry the web with my unsleeping eyes for longer than the sun stays in the sky each day. Don’t feel bad that YSA didn’t get to it, though I should’ve blogged the Scissor.

  3. Gambort

    I was just about to blog this but thought I ought to check to see if someone else had caught it first. Mr Dark Green has to be my favourite.

  4. Rocko

    It seems like all you have to do to make a gun for a mech is build a microscale spaceship, right?

  5. Andrew

    @Memory: Nannan is like our very own Eye of Sauron.

    The dark blue one may be a more “standard” mecha, but it’s still my favorite. That gun rocks.

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