That still only counts as one.

Classic-Castler Jens (Schlimps on Brickshelf) joins the fray at the last minute with a Battles Contest entry inspired by The Lord of the Rings:

The posable, brick-built oliphaunt (so called by Hobbits; called mûmak by men) certainly dominates the scene, but there are many more details to pore over in this great creation.

17 comments on “That still only counts as one.

  1. Jai

    – Holy cow, the oliphaunt is pretty cool on its own merits . . . but the fortification built on top of it makes it amazing!

    – Legolas and Gimli, sweet! Looks like Gimli is winning . . .

    – Impressive orc and human armies!

    What’s not to like?

  2. Ramone

    Jeebus, that thing is HUGE! I’d be too scared of it tipping. Is it glued? Held on with prayer?

  3. lordtom

    how the hell did you make that oliphaunt!?!?!?!
    this is just like the film!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. mark

    great model!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    do u have any instructions for the elephant
    if u do can u send me them

  5. Fawkes

    That is simply amazing. I would love to get instructions on the oliphaunt and the fortification on it if you you have them. Please? :)

  6. bill

    i think your stuff is cool and awsome snd cool and awsome and cool and awosme and cool and awsome i like you creativity and who you built that i bet you put a lot of ephert into that elephant


    by nathan

  7. sbb

    that is the most HUGE and COOl and… just don’t know how to say…
    love the building stuff. but how did you put those bricks together?

  8. tim

    this is the coolest lego thing i hav eva seen
    wat sets did u combine to make this

    and if u built another one i would pay u like $1000 for it

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