Into the trenches with Harrison

From barbed wire, constant explosions, mud, rats, and blood, Harrison captures the brutality of trench warfare in World War II.

The combination of brown, tan, and dark green works very well to denote a denuded landscape:

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7 comments on “Into the trenches with Harrison

  1. ARGV

    I think trench warfare is more connected to WWI (see battle of Verdun etc.), since mobile troops weren’t that common in the early 20th century.

  2. Robert Gurskey

    Trench warfare is more WWI, but the minifigs look more like Afrikan Corp from WWII. I was thinking of doing a WWI trench warfare vignette with French troops.

  3. Dunechaser Post author

    “World War II” is from the builder, and isn’t a mistake. Although trench warfare was less common after World War I, the minifigs are indeed from the later war, and Wikipedia does describe several instances of trench warfare in WW2.

  4. James

    Trenches did exist in WWII, and still do up to this point. However, what is shown in the MOC is the mindless attacks that saw thousands of men thrown at well fortified positions for a couple miles gain. This is what is meant by “trench warfare.”

    It did not happen in WWII.

    A neat looking MOC, but we should try and get our history right.

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