Now and then...

Dear readers. Today I’m allowing myself a little indulgence in nostalgia. I hope it might prove interesting to some of you.

Two and a half years ago I made a model of a locomotive. A Queensland Rail Class 2800 to be precise. Yesterday I got the urge to redesign it from scratch and see what I could do. It’s interesting (to me anyway) seeing just how much I’ve improved in certain areas but also how many things remain almost unchanged. Maybe in another two and a half years I’ll have another shot at it.

Comparison of old and new QR class 2800

5 comments on “Now and then...

  1. pe668

    Fantastic SNOT design, much to like about this build.
    But I’m jealous of most of your designs (BR Class 08 Shunter
    I often wondered, is your design work in virtual Lego or only used to document the design?

  2. Gambort Post author

    Thanks! I do almost all of my train and vehicle design in LDraw but sometimes shift to real bricks for small details or fiddly bits which push the constraints of the brick. My space ships tend to be a bit more of a mix of both and my mecha are almost entirely built in bricks and then documented.

  3. DARKspawn

    I meant to post on this earlier but was way to overwhelmed with nostalgia. Would you beleive I actually rode on one of these occasionally in High School if they had issues with the electric trains? It was the only time you could actually ride in the legendary “smoking carriage” tehe ;)

  4. Gambort Post author

    Smoking carriage!!!! I think those were gone by the time I caught trains (certainly the replacement diesels never had them that I saw). I wonder if these are the same locos I would have had. Adds a new layer of nostalgia if so.

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