New from the House of Nabii

Mark Stafford (aka Nabii), recently crafted four awesome sci-fi creations for our enjoyment.

First up is a slick fighter made in collaboration with Joe Meno of BrickJournal. Next up is another colorful spacecraft from the Crysilon aliens.

Following that is a variation of the LEGO set Hybrid Rescue Tank — a set Mark himself designed. Last is an innovative science fantasy aircraft that combines Bionicle parts and bricks in a harmonious and stylish manner.

5 comments on “New from the House of Nabii

  1. wusmand

    Now you my friend are a good set designer! look at that hybrid tank, it gets 45mpg while looking much better than the original! I would buy it!

  2. Dave Liu

    You may wish to reword your post slightly. Right now it makes it sound like Mark designed the Exo-Force tank.

  3. Dunechaser

    If I remember correctly from the BrickJournal interview to which Nannan alluded, I believe that is in fact the case (thus my addition of that info to his post). :-)

  4. Nabii

    Yup. Both the yellow one here and the Blue and White one you can buy in the shops are mine… sorry for any confusion to anyone.

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