Swinging Love

Azumu depicts a romantic winter love scene with a touch of magical snowflakes. I like the form of the entire vignette, not to mention the feeling of the depicted subject. Even though the snow is cold, my heart absorbs the warmth of lovers being together.

Edit (AB): This is Azumu’s entry for the annual building contest held at Click-Brick stores.

3 comments on “Swinging Love

  1. Ian

    wow, I was drawn in by the beauty when i saw just the top of the pic…as I scrolled down, I realized this could be the most beautiful lego creation I’d ever seen

  2. Mainman

    I love the hands on the snowman! Unfortunately the girl’s scarf looks a little too much like rope. And her legs must be cold!

  3. David

    I was thinking that here legs much be cold but I climbed a 1,000 foot mountain about 6 weeks ago and some guy was in shorts and flip-flops. It was 27F with a little wind.

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