Brent’s Irradiant Dragon

After a sojourn through some great Black Fantasy and achieving fame with his Victorian Shuttle Tyderium, Brent is back to his punky magical ways with Irradiant Dragon. As much as I’ve enjoyed everything he’s built in the intervening weeks, it’s nice to see Brent go back to his “roots” (which appear to be yellow).

Incidentally, this is a good excuse to show everyone exactly how talented Brent actually is. Here’s the entirety of his LEGO collection:

If Brent can do what he does with just a few bins of LEGO, it just proves you don’t need an infinite supply of bricks to do amazing things.

2 comments on “Brent’s Irradiant Dragon

  1. David

    Less is more because if you have more you will not be able to find what you are looking for so it will be like you have less. :)

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