The Arvo brothers build a classic Volkswagen Beetle

The fraternal building team known as Arvo have built a beautiful classic Volkswagen Beetle with so many cool details it’s tough to choose a favorite. The gas pedal and brake are a wonderful touch, and the detail around the rear bumper is fantastic.

Don’t miss all the great details in the full gallery on Brickshelf. Thanks for the tip, Zach!

12 comments on “The Arvo brothers build a classic Volkswagen Beetle

  1. Lluis Gibert

    Anyone who has ever met arvo’s know that they never want to make a punch with the Company.

    I have the pleasure to have arvo brothers as a friends and their build the models for pleasure, and for personal/romantical reasons. So please, erase the idea of the “competition” with LEGO Company of your mind.

    The model is simply great, as all their other creations. There are no words to describe it.

  2. Fred

    Don’t get me wrong.. this is great but, I would expect better from Arvo. The rear end is very keen. Parts of the front just don’t have the blend that these guys have mastered in the past. Could I do better? Heck no.

  3. Dunechaser Post author

    Lluis: Thanks very much for your comment. Nothing negative was intended by saying that the Arvo brothers had beaten TLC to the punch, but I understand that this word choice could be misunderstood. I’ll edit my post text right away, and I apologize if I’ve caused you or the Arvo brothers any discomfort.

  4. David

    Much better than the official one. The official one seems too over the top, like they wanted to throw as many pieces in as possible.

  5. DekoPuma

    A very lovely creation indeed. I particularly like the horizontal gray trim across the sides, it looks great. About the only inaccuracy I notice is the dashboard. All the bugs I’ve seen have very little horizontal surface area on the dash, everything is vertical. Just a minor thing, the rest looks great!

  6. steven marshall (AKA) Steven1980

    I’ve had contact with the Arvo brothers and I must say they are very friendly and helpful people. The reason I got back into building Lego was because of these guys. Their work is so inspiring, breathtaking, they are Lego pioneers in everything they do, that’s not an opinion thats a fact:0)

  7. Rocko

    This, of course, kicks the crap out of the official Lego version but it’s understandable. Lego sets are designed to be a balance of style and economics. A model of this awesomeness couldn’t be produced by Lego because they either wouldn’t make any money off it or the price would be way above what people would be willing to pay.

  8. Tim David

    I’m not sure that this would cost more to make than the official lego one, its probably got less parts

  9. David

    I think this one would cost a lot less. The official one costs $120? It also moves with the new RC remote system. This one I don’t think would be more than $90.

  10. arvo

    For us is a real honour to see our creations in The Brothers Brick, one of our favourite LEGO windows!

    We would like to thank to every people for the words about this theme. To Andrew for his understanding, to Steven for his support, and specially to Lluis for his friendship and trust…

    …and thank to you, the reader, for your interest in our MOCs.

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