Doctor Sinister’s Adjudicator tanks

Andrew Summersgill (Flickr) sends word of a cool blue pair of futuristic tanks he’s built.

I figured a bigger solo shot would work better here, so check out the pair of ’em on

5 comments on “Doctor Sinister’s Adjudicator tanks

  1. VidGamer123

    I like it’s design, but (in the traditional military sense) it needs a turret with the cannon mounted on it. I mean, turning to aim at another ground target must be a bitch in that thing.

  2. Doctor Sinister

    Technically I decided it was an Assault Gun and not a Tank because of the very lack of a turret. It’s more akin to the German STuG from WWII, at least, this was my intention. The webpage describes it as such.

    There’s also a missile launching variant.

    Dr. S.

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