Micro Omicron Weekend and the founding of ChiefLUG

A band of builders (Andrew Lee, Gary McIntire, and Scotty Whitesell) headed by Ryan Wood created the ultimate Fanboy display. It’s a microscale version of KeithLUG’s legendary Omicron Weekend. Together, this group of brave men have made history; from now on they will be known as members of ChiefLUG. Congratulations!

EDIT (AB): I just think this deserves a couple bigger pictures. :-)

The ring:

The landing pads and vehicles:

11 comments on “Micro Omicron Weekend and the founding of ChiefLUG

  1. Dunechaser

    I saw this at the top of the page this afternoon and thought, “Why is Nannan highlighting a four-month-old creation?” And then I read the title and nearly fell out of my chair. Un-freakin’-believable. Great work, guys!

    (Name edited, though I didn’t change the URL, since that’ll break links.)

  2. Fred

    I also thought this was a piece about the original with more detail. I quick clicked though 3 or 4 pics before I realized what was going on. Amazing work. Just fantastic.

  3. Nathan Proudlove

    So freaking cool. You guys rock! And I thought I actually had a chance with this contest until now.

  4. Dave

    I’ve never really had a strong interest in microscale, but this is incredible – it has me inspired. Projects like this will create new mico scale followers!

  5. John k

    What an amazing set! it’s so good I’m crying tears of joy!
    btw-that heicopter thinh next to the pad reminds me of the sparrowhawk from halo wars.

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