Misterzumbi’s Predator bust

Check out this amazing Predator bust by misterzumbi. Great use of those tentacles and nice work on the base as well.

13 comments on “Misterzumbi’s Predator bust

  1. Ty

    Man, this is the kind of work I can’t fathom. My mind can’t wrap around that! I can’t figure out how you can plan a MOC like that… How do all those parts stay on at all those angles?! Mainly the eyebrows and the “mandibles”. Anyway, awsome!

    (Love the “dreads”)

  2. Memory

    It wouldn’t be fair of me to brag about beating you to this, because you guys were out at the time. ;]

    This is a brilliant model; I hadn’t noticed the drool until just now. I guess the bad guys in that movie just drool a lot.

  3. Dunechaser

    I’ve always admired MrZumbi’s creations, but this just blows my mind. It’s on the level of some of the Arvo brothers’ best work. Naturally, I’m reminded of their Alien chestburster and queen. MrZumbi is one of those guys whose every creation deserves to be shown off to the world. Amazing stuff.

  4. Jordan Sanders

    Wow! Misterzumbi has always impressed me with his MOCs but this deserves a whole new level of respect.
    The insane amount of detail in this one has blown me away! Such as the necklace, the dreads, the drools, etc…
    This definitely has to be one of my favorite Lego creations that I have seen, thank you Misterzumbi!


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