New LEGO Agents theme pictures leaked [News]

Preliminary pictures of the new LEGO Agents theme are surfacing. Click on the picture to see all the sets in this theme.

FINAL UPDATE: LEGO Agents sets are now available from the LEGO Shop online.

EDIT: Image removed from Eurobricks at the request of The LEGO Company.

UPDATE: The LEGO Agents sets were revealed officially at Toy Fair New York 2008. Ace Kim of FBTB was there to capture lots of great photos (click for photoset):

21 comments on “New LEGO Agents theme pictures leaked [News]

  1. Dace

    Looks like Greg Hyland’s drawings up there!
    Hmm, I’m not sure about this theme. It looks kind of like a version of Alpha Team, except with no real consistent area theme.
    I’ll have to wait for the final images.

  2. David

    It’s the military vs the cyborgs. :)

    I really like the chainsaw arm, that’s awesome. :D

    The jet is nice, the jeep sucks, the little set is Alpha Team, but nice, the sharks are great.

    It’s like a mix of Dino Attack, Alpha Team, Jack Stone all mixed together.

  3. Fred

    Check out 8632. Those grey rings at the top of the steps on the tower: Razor wire rings?

    I could count 12 of those new crated slopes on the truck set.


  4. Repoort

    Even though it does include sharks with freakin lazers, I don’t think I like the new shark at all. It all looks too Jack Stone-y to me. Too fake. What happened to the raw plastic that was once Lego?

  5. VidGamer123

    LEGOLand’s army is ALL spec ops, man!

    Kickin’ rad! Can’t wait for them to come stateside.

  6. Dace

    I agree with Repoort; they look kind of like something out of a 4 Juniors set. :Q
    (That was a barfing smily, by the way)
    Dare I say it… Juniorization alert!

  7. Sibley

    Looks like an strange mix of weird design and interesting technique. Many of the sets mix technic and system elements, so I wouldn’t say they look juniorized. The razor-wire rings are nifty – very useful for military and apocalyptic MOCs. I also think the spider-legged cyborg is a neat design. Also what looks like a new laptop piece (in 8634). Are those dark green crocs I see in 8632?

    Despite the similarities to Alpha Team and Dino Attack, I’d say this theme may be the thematic cousin to Castle 2k7, much more so than Mars Mission is.

  8. Ty

    Looks kinda like a goofy James Bond… The Heroes go around the world foiling the plans of evil masterminds with BIG LASERS… Yeah, I’m not to interested.

  9. Dace

    I meant the shark is bigger, and they’re evil as well. So you can’t really use them in say an aquarium MOC or somewhere where the isn’t really a need for a human-hungry shark.

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