Stogelley’s Mecha Tank

This might only be the second post to highlight this builder’s mecha, but Stogelley is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Does Izzo have a secret twin?

(Thanks for the tip, Andrew!)

8 comments on “Stogelley’s Mecha Tank

  1. Roger

    Something I just noticed about the username “Stogelley” is that it’s an anagram for “Lego Style”. My point being that isn’t that the name of Izzo’s japanese lego blog?

  2. Brickapalooza

    After looking at all of the mecha here, I am amazed. I would like to know how the joints are bieng made for these. Also, It would be cool if people started integrating more bionicle parts. I’ve only seen a few creations where bionicle is used for more than swords or just a few extra pices to make it prettier.

  3. legovaughan

    izzo was one of the builders who ended my Darkage. This is signature izzo work and legostyle is his own japanese blog isnt it? Intriguining indeed…

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