Clone Wars V-19 Torrent by nnenn

Nnenn had some issues with LEGO’s official version of the V-19 Torrent fighter, from the upcoming Star Wars Clone Wars TV show, so he made his own.

What’s so very very cool about nnenn’s version is that the folding wings are synchronized. Check out the gears:

(Via Brick Blogue.)

7 comments on “Clone Wars V-19 Torrent by nnenn

  1. Robert Gurskey

    Someone should ask George Lucas how variable-geometry wings apply to a spacecraft. Seems very silly to me.

  2. Preda

    In this case I would say it is for landing the thing…it is a nice model,but personally,I don’t like the V-19 in general…I think it is ugly as hell xD But it is a nice model and a nice way to synchronize the wings,even though this seems to be pretty instable.

  3. John k

    Ive always wanted lego to make one of these, now they are! the only thing i dont like is it has an ep. 3 trooper instead of 2. if he,s piloting it, why is there an episode 2 clone on the box! its a lie, ITS A LIE!

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