7 comments on “Clone Wars V-19 Torrent by nnenn

  1. Robert Gurskey

    Someone should ask George Lucas how variable-geometry wings apply to a spacecraft. Seems very silly to me.

  2. Preda

    In this case I would say it is for landing the thing…it is a nice model,but personally,I don’t like the V-19 in general…I think it is ugly as hell xD But it is a nice model and a nice way to synchronize the wings,even though this seems to be pretty instable.

  3. John k

    Ive always wanted lego to make one of these, now they are! the only thing i dont like is it has an ep. 3 trooper instead of 2. if he,s piloting it, why is there an episode 2 clone on the box! its a lie, ITS A LIE!

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