Classic Beetle LEGO set revealed at Frechen [News]

Joachim S. Müller attended the big LEGO event in Frechen, Germany and has posted over a hundred photos on Flickr.

Last year’s show yielded the first photos of the upcoming Classic Beetle set, so it’s fitting that the final version would be shown this year:

Lookin’ good!

7 comments on “Classic Beetle LEGO set revealed at Frechen [News]

  1. Preda

    A comment on one of the fotos says that this thing will be in stores for 120 €…which would be around 175 $,at least right now,in my opinion far too much.

  2. David

    Euros and dollars don’t work like that in the LEGO universe.

    You can almost just change the Euro sign to a $. This year the advent calendar was $25(USD) and 20 Euros. So I would guess if it were to be 120 Euros that it would be about $130.

    And I don’t know if it’s dust, but some of the dark blue colors don’t match and that drives me crazy.

  3. Preda

    If thats true,I’ll import it from the USA,I’m living in Germany and 120 € is far too much for me xD Thanks,did not not know about that :)

  4. Joachim S. Müller

    No, it was not dusty. You should have a look at the picture at flickr (just klick on it) and then view in original size (clicking through the menu directly above the picture in flickr).
    I added sharpness, because that shows the form od the LEGO-Parts better, but that increases noise, maybe that is what could be mistaken as dust.

    Thank you for featuring my pictures!

  5. steven marshall (AKA) Steven1980

    I think this model has been rushed, the sculpting of the shape is all wrong and The seats look really bad…..too basic. I like the colour scheme but I will only be buying this for the bricks…………….very disappointing. I could go on slagging this model off but I would be here all day.:0(

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