Indiana Jones and the Flying Wing

No, this isn’t an official set, although it looks very much like it could be! Tyler (“Legohaulic”) has indeed captured the look of the current Indiana Jones sets with his Flying Wing (from Raiders of the Lost Ark).

10 comments on “Indiana Jones and the Flying Wing

  1. Ty

    Sweet! But, I thought it was a set too…

    Anyway, this is puzzling me now. Why, in the Name O’ Studs didn’t Lego jump all over this idea? They like space ships and all that, why not a flying wing set? Hmm…

    Anyway, sweet MOC! You had me goin’…

    Wait, I just noticed the chokes (Ehem spelling?) behind the wheels! Nice touch!

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  3. prince guy

    nice set. but im gonna kill u
    cause ya had me goin with the whole “its a real set” thought
    but anyways it looks awesome

    (send a picture of it to lego)

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