Halo grunt by Mike Nieves

Mike Nieves built one of the most realistic grunt from the video game Halo. Better yet, he has made instructions so fans can create their own too!

14 comments on “Halo grunt by Mike Nieves

  1. retinence

    Hello, Im Mike, the creator of this creation. Seeing as how this is my creation, I can tell you exactly whats wrong with it. The gas mask should have 3 cylinders in the front. I only made the largest one because of space constraint. Also I didnt make the toes. Its suppose to have 3 toes in the front, middle being the largest, and 1 in the back. Well, if you build it and fix those problems, send me a picture. I’d love to see this completely finished.

  2. Nic aka dart3rocks

    Hey Mike,(resitance) I saw the pic on DeviantArt Great Job! I was wondering if you could send the instructions to dart3rocks@gmail.com; so that I can build it to put on my shelf; because my shelf has one annoying empty space and no it’s not an OCD problem lol

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