14 comments on “Halo grunt by Mike Nieves

  1. retinence

    Hello, Im Mike, the creator of this creation. Seeing as how this is my creation, I can tell you exactly whats wrong with it. The gas mask should have 3 cylinders in the front. I only made the largest one because of space constraint. Also I didnt make the toes. Its suppose to have 3 toes in the front, middle being the largest, and 1 in the back. Well, if you build it and fix those problems, send me a picture. I’d love to see this completely finished.

  2. Nic aka dart3rocks

    Hey Mike,(resitance) I saw the pic on DeviantArt Great Job! I was wondering if you could send the instructions to dart3rocks@gmail.com; so that I can build it to put on my shelf; because my shelf has one annoying empty space and no it’s not an OCD problem lol

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