Pictures of late 2008 LEGO Star Wars sets leaked [LEGO]

Many Bothans died to bring you this, well not really. Here are preliminary pictures of the late 2008 Star Wars sets brought to you by Eurobricks. It looks like Episode 2 clone troopers are making a return!

UPDATE: For photos of late 2008 LEGO Star Wars sets, check out our more recent coverage of Toy Fair New York 2008.

16 comments on “Pictures of late 2008 LEGO Star Wars sets leaked [LEGO]

  1. Hank

    > looks like Episode 2 cline troopers are making a return

    I have this vision of hundreds of imperial soldiers marching along singing “Crazy, I’m crazy for feeling so lonely…”

  2. Corran101

    I hope those Super-Battle droids are only in the Magna Droid fighter to hold the places untill TLC finishes designing some other figs for it….

  3. Captain Obnoxious

    Impressive… I can’t wait to get the Magna Droid fighter.

    And have you seen this new builder Cueball? He does ApocaLEGO and is building a series of 26 vigs based on Pink Floyd’s Wall.

  4. Vortex117

    no there is grevious’s body guards for the wierd fighter,it has a shadow of super batle droids but their not

  5. david the great

    there is also a new republic dropship and i work at argos and have seen all 4 models asajj ventress is one of the characters you get with either the at-te or dropship and there is another jedi khaloki(cant quite remember the name comes with a creature that looks like a piece of snot lol) and clones wars obi-wan is another mini fig the sets look really cool

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